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What is the Harley Davidson Club Utreg? 

The HDC Utreg is since January 1995 a fact. There was a group of Harley riders who where eager to start a Harley club to drive together, visits weekends together, organize party's, come together to drink some beer and organize activities together. This was the birth of HDC Utreg. Now, six years later, HDC Utreg still exists and has the same goal: Doing a lot of things together that involves the Harley and together is much more fun than doing it alone.

What organizes the Harley Davidson Club Utreg? 

HDC Utreg organizes a lot of different activities. There are activities only for members, but most of it is for everyone: 

Party's: Three times a year, HDC Utreg organizes a big party with a live band and most of the time a act. The party's are Defrostparty last Saturday in February, Midsummer party last Saturday in June and the Rainparty last Saturday in November. 
Custom days: Once every two years the HDC Utreg has a Custom day. A lot of little shops, American cars, live music, BBQ and much more. 
Openings drive: To start the riding season HDC Utreg has a Openings drive in April. It's a beautiful drive, to test the new settings of the motor and with the finishing touch: BBQ. 
Drives: Every Sunday, for whoever want, as soon as the season started. 
Closing drive: To close the season, somewhere in October, with the necessary coffee breaks to keep warm and a BBQ! 
Christmas dinner: Eating with the members and donators around Christmas. 
Old and New party: Celebrate the coming of a new year! 
New years drink: To wish everyone the best for the new year and to give the people you forgot a big new-year kiss. 
Club magazine: Only for members and donators. Bimonthly published with a number of regular columns, activity list and reports about party's and other stuff. 

For whom is the Harley Davidson Club Utreg? 
The HDC Utreg is for people in the surroundings near Utreg who owned and drives a Harley Davidson or Indian. And who like to share the fun of driving, or just hanging out at the Clubhouse.

Members and donators 
The HDC Utreg has members and donators. All the members own a Harley Davidson or a Indian.. The donators are people who support HDC Utreg, and want to be informed what is going on. Most of them drive other motorcycles or a bike or own just a car, that doesn't matter. The donators are just as enthusiastic as the members. 

Who can become a member from Harley Davidson Club Utreg? 
Everyone in the surroundings of Utreg and owns a Harley Davidson or Indian and has a good sense of humor can become a member. The membership is being paid per year.

Everyone who want to support HDC Utreg or has a other type of bike, but wants to be a participant to HDC Utreg, can be a donator. The donatorship is also being paid per year.

Members as well as donators can pick up there copy of Club magazine every other month. This contains reports, regular columns, activity list, pictures and pronouncements about weekends and party's.

If you want more information about membership: Visit our club nights for a while , feel the atmosphere ,talk to the people you meet , to find out if you feel really at home and then talk to the administrator.